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Store Fulfilment

Amaze your customers. Improve your bottom line. Beat your competition.

Now you can save sales, improve margins, and shrink delivery times to keep your customers coming back for more. Radial Store Fulfilment delivers modular, cloud-based omnichannel solutions to turn your stores into active fulfilment centres. Just like that, you can maximise the breadth of your inventory, save on shipping costs, and maximise your sales assistants’ time with Ship-from-Store, Click-&-Collect, and Ship-to-Store options.


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Ship-From Store

"Out of stock" situations are the quickest way to make your hard-won eCommerce customers unhappy. By shipping orders directly from stores, there’s more opportunity for you to fulfill the order, which saves incremental revenue that might have otherwise been lost due to stock outs. On average, our clients see a 20% or more increase in sales, and a 33% increase in margins by selling merchandise prior to end-of-season discounts. Plus, Radial’s industry-leading shipping costs and delivery times improve customer loyalty—and your bottom line. You simply can’t do Ship-from-Store for


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Many retailers report that up to 50% of their eCommerce sales are picked up in-store. Customers love the convenience and choice, and not paying shipping fees. Once they’re in the door, you have even more opportunities to expand the customer experience and the value of their order. Radial Click-&-Collect streamlines the entire process with an intuitive user interface your sales assistants can use to easily pick and stage orders, and to create positive collection experiences for your customers.

Ship-to Store

For some customers, buying online and shipping to a nearby store makes the most sense. That way, your customers have more choices, and enjoy the peace of mind they get knowing that their package is safe and secure, while you leverage your inventory locations to make the sale a reality. When your customer arrives, chances are, they will shop around. That kind of flexibility and convenience creates happy customers and more sales for you.

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Store Fulfilment add-ons

Full Order Brokering

Fulfilling orders from the best possible location saves you money and enables your customers to get their orders faster. Whether it’s a nearby store, a warehouse, or a third-party supplier, this optional Ship-from-Store module provides intelligent order routing to the best fulfilment location based on the business rules you define.

In-Store Returns

Now your customers can conveniently return items they ordered online to any retail location. This add-on module for Ship-from-Store and Click-&-Collect facilitates in-store returns so you can increase foot traffic to stores and give your customers another opportunity to shop around.

Mobile Click-and-Collect

The Mobile Click-&-Collect add-on module optimises your pick, stage and hold, and customer pickup processes using a convenient mobile application. It is available via an iOS app for Apple iPads.

Mobile Ship-from Store

This optional add-on is also available via an iOS app for Apple iPads. It gives your sales assistants mobile capabilities to streamline and optimise the pick, pack, and ship processes for Ship-from-Store fulfilment.

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